• Image of PREORDER "Built For The Battle" CD Digipack Artwork

Preorders are now up, available on iTunes for those who like to download music only- you can even hear samples of all 23 songs there if you prefer. Go to iTunes.com/Davina -However, many like to have the actual CD/disc & full artwork. (Artwork/graphics done by: @philemerson- photos of final artwork will be posted once complete.) Davina will have all physical copies back from print within the next few weeks prior to the actual release date of 4•28•17. Shipping will start the week of the 24th. The drop down menu/options allow you guys to order the full CD with artwork/digipak (parental advisory version) for $20. (Shipping is included in prices.) You can also add $5 more & get the CLEAN version but it's the disc only in a protective sleeve. (For the kiddies or peeps who need edits/no cuss words. I got you.) Or you can purchase just the CLEAN version as disc only for $10 (but that won't come with the full artwork/digipack graphics.)
Trying to give you all options. ;)

****All preorders from now until 4•14•17 will be entered into a raffle for a free goodie package sent from Davina along with your order for the new album. Davina will choose the winner on the 15th.

Price includes all shipping costs & taxes for California sales. Out of state orders will be shipped ahead by 1 or 2 days prior to CA so you all potentially receive orders around the same timeframe.

Thank you so much for the solid support.