• Image of "Built For The Battle" CD Digipack Artwork

Album is now available! Also available on iTunes for those who like to download music only- you can even hear samples of all 23 songs there if you prefer. Go to iTunes.com/Davina -However, many like to have the actual CD/disc & full artwork. The drop down menu/options allow you guys to order the full CD with artwork/digipak (parental advisory version) for $20. (Shipping is included in prices.) You can also add $5 more & get the CLEAN version but it's the disc only in a protective sleeve. For the kiddies or peeps who need edits/no cuss words. I got you.. You can purchase just the CLEAN version as disc only for $10 (but that won't come with the full artwork/digipack graphics.)
Trying to give you all options. ;)

Price includes all shipping costs & taxes for California sales.

Thank you so much for the solid support.